Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops and Programs

Are these programs and workshops approved for use in Catholic schools?

Yes.  We report annually to Bishop Don Sproxton, and are supported by Catholic Bioethics Perth.

Do these programs and workshops include Protective Behaviours Education?

All our programs complement the Protective God’s Children Program. We work closely with the Perth Catholic Archdiocese Safeguarding Office.

Do parents get a say in whether their child participates?

Yes.  We fully support parents as the primary educators of their children, and can show the content to parents at evenings arranged by the school, on request.

Are the programs age appropriate?

Yes.  We design each program to be age appropriate, and train our facilitators to deliver the material with sensitivity.

Day Workshops

What is the format of the day workshops?

Each workshop is designed to fit into a normal school day, adjusting to the school timetable so as to minimise disruptions. Most workshops run from 9am to 3pm. 

Are teachers present?

In accordance to CEO guidelines, we welcome teacher presence.  As the older students can be reluctant to ask questions in front of their known teacher, we suggest that staff discreetly move in and out of the classrooms at will.

Are the male and female students in the same groups?

No.  Over the years we have found that the students overwhelmingly prefer to be in single sex groups.

Do you use approved Catholic resources?

Yes.  All resources are modern, accurate and relevant to the module.

Are the facilitators trained?

Yes.  All facilitators are trained – see more details on the Facilitator page here.

Parent and child workshops

When are these workshops being held?

These can be arranged on any available evening that the school wishes.  To secure your preferred date, contact us now for bookings.

What is the format of the evening workshops?

A trained Loving for Live facilitator presents each module using up-to-date videos and resources, then allows for conversation between the parent and child, as they fill in the workbook together.

How long does the workshop take?

Most schools arrange for the workshop to commence at either 5pm or 5:30pm to allow parents to arrive from work, and finish in 2 hours, with a short break in the middle.

Can we book just one talk instead of a whole workshop?

Yes.  Stand alone talks for whole class or whole year cohort are adjusted to fit one or two class periods.

Will parents be 'put on the spot' to answer questions in the large group?

No.  The format is designed to encourage conversation between the parent and child.  Feedback to the whole group is optional, and at the desire of the parent.