Programs and talks

Loving for Life provides half and full day programs for years 5 through to 11, as well as stand-alone talks, and e-books.


Our Programs

Presenting Catholic teaching on Relationships and Human Sexuality.

Growing and Changing

Years 5 and 6 – Puberty

Focus on the student developing as a whole person as they grow and change.

Towards Loving

Year 7 – Healthy relationships

Highlights the importance of building healthy relationships with family and friends.

Available as an evening seminar.  Gives parents the opportunity to share, instruct and talk with their children confidently.

Learning to Love

Year 8 – Adolescence

Developing healthy friendships, and critical analysis of the influence of social media.

Choosing to Love

Year 9 – Adolescence

Human persons are created to be in relationship with God and with each other.  Every person is called to love and be loved, to flourish, grow and reach their potential.

Healthy Loving

Year 10 – Sexuality

Facilitates an understanding of the beauty of Catholic teaching on human sexuality.  Uses logic and reason to reveal the benefits gained by  individuals, couples and society today.

Loving Today

Year 11 – Approaching adulthood

Students examine contemporary attitudes concerning relationships, and are challenged to consider a future relationship of exclusive committed love in marriage.


Program Format


Small groups

For workshops, students are in small groups of approximately 15 students per group.


Single sex education

Student groups are organised for maximum student comfort levels.


Full or half day

Workshop Days are half or full day.



Stand alone talks for whole class or whole year cohort are adjusted to fit one or two class periods.

For Students in the classroom

Our workshops are conducted as half or full day programs within a normal school day.  Students are in small groups, each group led by an experienced facilitator.

For Stand alone talks

All talks are designed to fit into one or two class periods as requested by the school.  Talks can be delivered to individual classes or to a whole year cohort.

For students and parents

Our Dad/son and Mum/daughter programs are delivered after school hours, by arrangement with the school.


What Our Students Say

It was all the right context and aimed at our age group therefore we could relate to it and understand it easily  (Year 9)

“What was the best part of this program for you?  (or “which topic stood out for you?”)

  • I think all of them stood out the same as they were all important and useful (year 11)
  • The discussion about girl’s cycles and how to understand them (year 11)
  • The Marriage and Dating Section (year 11)
  • The party video as we learn examples of what not to do (year 11)
  • The 5 love languages (year 11)
  • Healthy relationships in terms of dating and understanding people around us (year 10)
  • Talking about childbirth because it was interesting (year 10)
  • Why you should wait until marriage to have intercourse (year 10)
  • The grading of where different things should happen in a relationship. This is because I need to learn this for when I start dating again so I don’t do something too fast (year 10)
  • The female reproduction system, it is amazing (year 10)
  • The value of a person from conception and how a baby forms over time (year 10)
  • I liked the topic of love. I learned a lot about choosing my future partner and friends (year 9)
  • Relationships, it talks about real life relationships (year 9)
  • Faithfulness because that’s what I value the most (year 9)
  • The bit about porn and how it impacts relationships (year 9)
  • How to learn about someone and date without the sex part. Waiting for sex until marriage. (year 9)
  • Dating it had good tips (year 9)
  • Fertility because there was a lot I didn’t know (year 9)
  • Being able to ask questions without judgement (year 8)
  • Learning different things and getting to actually know what happens not just a funny whisper from a friend or someone unsure telling me (year 8)
  • I felt it was a safe place to ask questions (year 8)
  • Laughing and the interactive parts. (year 8)
  • Learning about fertility (year 8)

How Do I Get Started?


Free Chat

Send us an email requesting a call back and we will be very  happy to give you preliminary information.

Book a program or talk

Send us a quick email.  
To guarantee your preferred date, it is recommended to book early.

We understand that schools need to be  flexible regarding dates so cancellations are accepted without penalty.

Need to see a bit more?

We are happy to visit and give a quick 10 minute rundown or a more in depth hour long session to show any program to staff.

Our Talks

We provide talks on human sexuality which can be adjusted to fit into the school timetable.

Also available:  evening talks for parents.

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