Xavier Catholic Primary

Growing in Wisdom

Date of program
Wednesday 10th May 2023
8:30 arrival for 9am start
Conclude at 3pm

Co-ordinator:  Clare Cox

Boys:  Ben and Kathy and Kathleen
Girls:  Claire and Elisa and Tash

Number of students
57 Year 5 students in 2 groups 24b 33g
53 Year 6 students in 2 groups 25b 28g

Class teachers
Yr 5 blue:  Jonathan Cox
Yr 5 gold:  Gerard Rosman
Yr 6 blue:  Serena Cresswell
Yr 6 gold:  Nic Tucker

Other notes
Main contact: Giselle Konle, Assistant Principal
School Principal is Travis Bienkowski


Our Office:

Catholic Bioethics Perth
39 Jugan St MT HAWTHORN  6016


(61 + 8) 9242 4066